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The Pastor’s Toolbox - A Spiritual Reflection

It is incumbent on the priest, after ordination, to make sure that he engages in some type of “on-going formation” in order to keep his skills up to date.

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Overcommited? Become a Good Steward of Your Time - A Biblical Approach

St. Norbert's Theology on Tap sponsored an evening of reflection, Over-committed? " Become a Good Steward of Your Time - A Biblical Approach. Presentation and resources here

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The Feminine Genius - Mary and the Wedding Feast of Cana

Malvern Retreat House hosted an "Evening of Reflection" for women on June 13, 2013. The presentation as well as the articles, references and resources that we discussed can be found here.

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Father - Daughter Retreat

Malvern Retreat House recently hosted a Father - Daughter Retreat on Sunday June 9, 2013. The presentation notes from that retreat can be found here...

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Philadelphia DRE Retreat

Directors / Administrators of Religious Instruction of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia had a two-day retreat at Malvern Retreat House. Resources and web sites discussed can be found here.

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Ash Wednesday Retreat - Malvern Retreat House

Copy of the slides from the Ash Wednesday Retreat presentations at Malvern Retreat House.

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