Why the Catholic Church? | Fr. Charles Zlock
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Why the Catholic Church?

Look around the world and see the numerous seemingly intractable challenges that face the human race. In spite of billions of dollars, millions of good people and thousands of fine organizations which try to address some of our most critical problems, they succeed only to a point because ours are not merely human challenges. They deal with relationships, and you cannot quantify a relationship. The roots of these challenges are spiritual, relational issues requiring both transcendent and human solutions.

The solutions cannot be done by solely UN, NGOs, political parties, countries, and corporations or even well meaning, highly capable, well-financed individuals, and philanthropic organizations. All are important and are part of the solution in that they are part of the “church.” But ultimately, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ lies at the heart of the matter and the solution to the cry of the world.

With its world-wide network of medicine, health care, education, counseling, orphanages, geriatric care, and social advocacy the Catholic Church is the largest and most effective organization in reaching out to people-in-need among all nations and faiths. This is coupled with a 2000-year tradition in the transcendent aspects of personal and communal prayer, liturgy and sacramental celebration, as well as music, architecture, archeology, spiritual research, writing and direction.

This is Jesus Christ, human and divine, speaking in a holistic way — through his Church — to the needs of the human heart, mind body, and soul.

We can truly save the world.

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