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The Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Homily

How do you know that you've struck the right balance between doing your part and God doing His?

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“Ingredients of an Amazing Homily” A Spiritual Reflection, Part 2

We can all work together to create a positive Sunday experience.

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“Ingredients of An Amazing Homily” – A Spiritual Reflection, Part 1

You shine the light on what is relevant in your homilies.

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Zubek vs. Burnell – A Spiritual Reflection

Make your Catholic voice heard in the public square.

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Pondering In Your Heart: Why Do You Believe?

Simon Sinek is author, speaker, and consultant who writes on leadership and management. He wondered why some organization seem to thrive while others do only so-so. He eventually came up with the concept of “The Golden Circle” and the three components of What we do; How we do it; WHY we do it. 

  • What we do – involves actions, policies, procedures, processes.
  • How we do it – are our distinctive competences, proprietary processes, differentiating value proposition, USPs, etc …
  • WHY we do it – This involves purpose, cause, belief.  Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care?



Why did you come to Mass at all today?

Why did you come to Mass at 5:00 pm?

Why did you come to Mass at St. Monica?

 Sinek poses the question, Why is Apple SO successful? Dell, HP, Acer, etc … all have the same access to top universities, technically talented people, millions of dollars of financial capital. Why has Apple done so much better.

Listen to what the other computer companies say:

  • We make great computers
  • They are easy to use, beautifully designed and user friendly
  • Want to buy one?

What’s there in their pitch? The What and the How. What’s missing? WHY they do it.

Listen to Apple: apple-logo

  • In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.
  • We believe in being different and doing things differently.
  • The way we challenge the status quo is to make our products easy to use, beautifully designed and user friendly
  • Oh and, by the way, we also make great computers.
    • Want to buy one ?

Sinek goes on to explain that people don’t buy what you do: people buy WHY you do it. And this is totally based on Biology. The Neocortex Region of the brain answers the “what” and “how” circles. It deals with analytical and rational thought. It’s concerned with features, benefits and facts. Key point here: It does not drive behavior!        


The Limbic Regions are the two middle sections of the brain. They deal with feelings and emotions and are concerned with the poetic ideas of leading with your heart and soul. They possess no capacity for language. Love and longing and motivation and drive are so hard to describe and put into words. That’s why we use music and poetry and art – not to describe – but to convey such deep feelings and convictions.  Key point here: It drives all human behavior and all decision making.

“Mary pondered all of these things in her heart.”

So ponder this:

  • Why did you come to Mass at all today?
  • Why did you come to Mass at 5:00 pm?
  • Why did you come to Mass at St. Monica?

Why should ANYONE have come to Mass at all today? Why should ANYONE come to Mass at 5:00 pm? Why should ANYONE come to Mass at St. Monica?

Consider St. Monica.   st-monica-with-rainbow

  • St. Monica is a Roman Catholic Church.
  • We have Mass every day of the week.
  • We have children’s liturgy of the word at 9:30 on Sunday …
  • … and religious-ed for our children on Monday.
  • We host all-day adoration weekly
  • … and 24 hour adoration once monthly.
  • We do very nice weddings, baptisms and funerals.
  • We have a lovely church with beautiful stained glass, high quality music and good preaching.
    • Want to come?

So does every other parish in Chester county.

If YOU don’t know why you do – what you do …and people respond to why you do what you do …how will we get anybody to buy what St. Monica is selling?

And be loyal?

And be part of what it is that we do?

They will NEVER come – simply to do what we do. They will ONLY come – to be with and around people who believe in what they believe.


… and Mary pondered these things in her heart. So ponder: what do you believe and – so much more importantly – WHY do you believe this?



We are a community on a pilgrimage to a sacred place, inviting all to walk with us as we:

Discover Jesus in our lives,

Understand our life’s purpose,

Develop a personal relationship with Christ,

Enrich our local community,

Impact the whole world.


Audio version of the homily is here:












Next Steps 6 – A Spiritual Reflection

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