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Master Plan – HVAC

The first, and a significant, part of the “Master Plan” implementation this week involved disassembling, removal and replacement of the church building heating system.

Three years ago, we initiated an examination of all of the St. Monica buildings, the campus physical plant and infrastructure. An initial assessment revealed a significant need to quickly upgrade and replace many components which were in danger of breaking down or which had components which no longer functioned.


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Master Plan – Sound System

Clair Systems will be responsible for implementing the new sound system for spoken voice and sung voice at St. Monica. This will entail first removing the old speaker system, old speakers and sound control panel.  That was accomplished this week by Clair in cooperation with the project management company, Warfel.

The sound boxes that held for old voice speakers in the side isles will be covered, sealed and painted.

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Master Plan – Implementation Preparation

This week we began the first, largest and most complex part of the St. Monica Master Plan. Preparation began bright and early on Monday morning with a meeting between Fr. Zlock, the Project Director and Project Manager from Warfel, Frank Pantano (Facilities), Frank Orman (Liturgy and Music), Dennis Keough (Keough Electronics: lighting and wiring) as well as workers from Haller (HVAC).


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Mike Pence and Why God Has No Grandchildren Part 2 – A Spiritual Reflection

If we forget and fall back into maintenance mode, we now have Mike Pence as a living reminder that if we don’t make disciples of our own, someone else will do it for us.

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The 23rd Sunday In Ordinary Time – The Homily

This week, ask the Lord for insights into where you are in your relationship with him ... and where he wishes to lead you next.

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Mike Pence and “Why God Has No Grandchildren” – Part 1

How could they leave the Eucharist?

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