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Homily: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Reclining At The Side Of The Lord.

In whom are you resting? Who is resting in you?

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Forming a Healthy Disciple. Part 3 – FAITH

Being called a “Christians” or a “disciple” involves much more than merely a name or title.

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Forming a Healthy Disciple. Part 2 – IDENTITY

Why did God make me? Who am I? Why am I here? Healthy ongoing formation begins with "identity."

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Forming a Healthy Disciple. Part 1 – FORMATION FUNDAMENTALS

What is "formation?" It's not education. It's not job training? Why is it important? This is the first of a series of articles on this topic.

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Relevant Faith. Moving from Sunday to Monday

How do we move our faith from Sunday .... to Monday?

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Weekend of September 7-8: Relevant St. Monica Information

Due to Hurricane Dorian and the Holiday Weekend, we ran into logistical issues surrounding the parish bulletin. This week’s bulletin will be an abbreviated version. Some items on the inside pages might also be repeated from last week.

Nevertheless, some important current information is as follows:

Music and Liturgy: The music ministry at Saint Monica’s is off to a great start. Choir “auditions” begin at 7 pm, Tuesday, September 10th. I will send out an email for scheduling. This will be a great opportunity for me to get to know you, do some basic vocal exercises, and have fun! I am praying for you and that we find a beautiful way to serve and grow in our relationship with Christ.

In addition to the adult choir, Children’s Choir rehearsal will begin in October, during the Religious Education hour. I love teaching kids, so please encourage yours to sing! They will have the opportunity to learn a variety of sacred music. Since children preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation will need to attend their classes and will not be able to leave for rehearsal. All others are welcome to join! More information will be forthcoming next week. Deb Rojas Director of Music and Liturgy, St. Monica’s, Berwyn, PA Cell: 617-633-6084 Work: 610-644-0110, Ext. 118

Discipleship and Formation: Religious Education “Small Groups” and Children’s Liturgy of the Word begin this weekend (September 8-9).

Youth Group (Both Life Teen and Edge) will begin NEXT WEEK (Sunday, September 15)

Flocknote: Not Receiving Information? It has come to our attention that some parishioners are NOT receiving information from Discipleship and Formation. This might be information pertaining to Religious Education Small Groups, sacraments, etc.. If this is the case, please contact the office at 610-644-0110, extension 131.