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St. Catherine of Siena and the Priests

Slide presentation given to perspective seminarians.

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Confession Part 1 – A Spiritual Reflection

Primarily Confession is about conversion.

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People of the Palm. Homily for Passion/Palm Sunday

As people of the palm, we have to bring the green fronds of hope to other and place the palm in their hands.

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People – And A Person – Of the Covenant (Homily, 5th Sunday of Lent)

It's not about "doing good." It's about "being good."

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Pope Francis on Lent – Part 2

For Lent this year, Pope Francis looked at a line from the Gospel of Matthew: “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). In Part 1 of his reflection, the Holy Father’s looked at the root of the problem. In Part 2 below, the Pope answers the question “What can we do against such forces?”

Perhaps we see, deep within ourselves and all about us, the signs I have just described.  prayer #7But the Church, our Mother and Teacher, along with the often bitter medicine of the truth, offers us in the Lenten season the soothing remedy of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. By devoting more time to prayer, we enable our hearts to root out our secret lies and forms of self-deception, and then to find the consolation God offers. He is our Father and he wants us to live life well. Read more

Remain in my Love – a Spiritual Reflection

Reflecting on the beauty of what Christ has revealed about marriage and family life.

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