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Sifting – A Spiritual Shakedown for Lent?

Sifting is a kind of discernment. What would a Lenten sifting process look like?

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Solution to a Messy Life (It’s not what you think)

It's about redemption and transformation.

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Are You a Prophet? How Would You Know?

Every true prophet is on the winning team

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Synods, Synodality and Listening to the Holy Spirit

Last year, nearly 1,000 church leaders — lay and religious — from Latin America and the Caribbean met in Mexico City. Voices from this gathering called for a more inclusive church, one that pays attention to people’s realities, opens increased roles for women and excluded groups, combats clericalism and continues taking the Gospel to the peripheries of society.

The Pope regularly gathers bishops together to discuss a particular theme, challenge or issue. These gatherings are called “Synods.” For example, a Synod on Youth was held in October 2018. The final document, Christus Vivit (Christ is living), was promulgated on 25 March 2019.

Pope Francis  is very keen on expanding the idea of having people meet to listen and discern the voice of the Holy Spirit. He feels synods have been too exclusive in the past. For example, the Church reached out to millions of young people worldwide for their input for the Synod on Youth. The Holy Father has called this more inclusive process of meeting and listening “Synodality.” Spoiler alert! You’re going to be hearing a lot about this in the months ahead. It’s also going to directly affect you – in a good way. Read more

On-Line Catholic Resources on “Praying Always”

what does it mean to "Pray always?" These sources might help you do just that.

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Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocese. “With” – Not “For”

Archbishop Perez has decided to provide more resources and personnel to widen the ministry FOR Young Adults.

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