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The “Year of Mercy” Revisited: Part 1/3 – The “Field Hospital”

In order to have mercy, people need to experience mercy.

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Richard Wright Elementary School – The “Support of Art” Project

A St. Monica, Ann Luebbert, approached me recently about starting a much needed Art Program for the Richard Wright Elementary School in Philadelphia. Wright Elementary is in North Philadelphia, in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood which is a very economically distressed part of the city. With significant economic challenges facing their schools, the children have not had an art program in over 15 years. This is unfortunate since art in the elementary schools has been shown to improve children’s competency in language, science, and math.

Ann is acting as a volunteer to assist the school and will be starting from scratch with supplies. She wanted to appeal to her parish of St. Monica for assistance. We will be doing three things to assist her in this endeavor:

(1) Below is listed a sample of the materials that are needed.  Take a look at the list and, if you acquire any of the materials listed, deposit them in the bins in the church lobby. She will be putting out 2 donation bins for the weeks of:

  • July 22-23
  • August 12-13
  • August 19-20

(2) A “wish list” has been created on Amazon where you can go and donate materials on-line. The link for this “wish list” is here. If you go through the Amazon, it will eventually ask you for an address. Enter:

Ann Luebbert
560 Kromer Avenue
Berwyn, Pa. 19313


(3) Call her directly if you would like to get involved on a more intentional level.  She can be reached at Address is 560 Kromer Ave. Berwyn, Pa. 19313 or via telephone 215-518-2935 or email at

Ann Luebbert
560 Kromer Avenue
Berwyn, Pa. 19313


Suggested materials to donate:

  • Drawing paper (70 lb), 10 packs. They comes in packages of 50. 12 by 18.
  • Crayons – classroom set
  • Kids scissors (comes in sets of 12)
    • 5 inch blunt
    • Plastic/rubber coated
    • Perhaps 2 packages
  • Brushes for bigger kids
    • 2 packs
    • Round/flat (come in packs of 12)
  • Drawing or color pencils
    • “Classroom sets”
      • Nothing fancy,
      • Perhaps 25
  • Tempera paint
    • Basic colors
  • Liquid watercolor
    • 2 sets
    • 10 count of 8 oz
  • Packs of construction paper
    • All colors
  • Watercolors in pan
  • Pastels (oil)
    • Classroom set
    • Perhaps 2
  • Sharpies permanent markers.
    • Count: 2
    • Classroom set
  • Elmers glue
    • 4 sets or packages
  • Erasers
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • An old paper cutter

Marriage and Passing On the Faith: A Spiritual Reflection

What are you doing to help the young parents of this church teach their children how to have a strong belief in God, themselves and the parish?

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Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Take my yoke upon you ... For my yoke is easy, and my burden light."

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Offering Hospitality to Christ. Homily for 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

So why are you following Jesus? Why are you offering "hospitality to Christ?"

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Fraternity and the Fight for Healthy Unity: Notes from Philadelphia Priest Convocation (3rd of 3)

A second "tool" is to "cultivate a culture of community."

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