The Feminine Genius – Mary and the Wedding Feast of Cana

Malvern Retreat House hosted an “Evening of Reflection” for women on June 13, 2013. A copy of the presentation is here…



The articles, references and resources that we discussed are below here:

the “Topical bible” Web site (“What The Bible Says About…”) can be found here.

An alphabetical list of women mentioned in the Bible is here.

The Walking With Purpose web site can be found here.

Sheryl Sandberg’s talk (video) on “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” can be found here.

New York Post article on Sheryl Sanderg (less complementary) can be found here.

Overcommitted? Podcast by Michael Hayatt from “Intentional Leadership.”
Boundaries, When to Say Yes – When  to Say No  (Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend)

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