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Posts from the ‘St. Monica’ Category

The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Homily

What can we do during Lent to identify that one, small “bite” of human suffering and do something about it?

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Helping to Hear The Voice of the Lord (Homily 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time)

Pray about the process - not the problem. Identify the message and from whom it gets delivered. Pray - then write the plan down. Or do nothing - and wait on the Lord.

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The 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Homily

Ask Christ to “roll away the stone” in your life – and set you free.

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Jiminy Cricket Theology – A Spiritual Reflection

"Wishing" on a star that it were so doesn't make it the truth.

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The 28thSunday in Ordinary Time – The Homily

People sometimes feel chained. They feel chained to their nature, chained to their circumstances, chained to their age, their race, their gender, their intelligence, their religion, their family of origin.

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7 Habits of Holy People – A Spiritual Reflection

Christ never throws your negative experiences away - he "recycles" them for good.

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