Spiritual Tools for 2022: Crossroads Initiative Library

From a Saint Monica Sojourner

Spiritual Tools to Help Grow Your Faith in 2022 - The Crossroads Initiative Library

“Faith is not an ideology…it’s a journey of adventure.” The Crossroads Initiative is a band of wayfarers who’ve been gripped by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and are trying to become his disciples. They are following him down a road that is as challenging as it is exciting. Their mission is to urge others, no matter what stage they’ve reached, to press on further down the road…and bring others along with them. To help fellow travelers, they draw from the wisdom of master pilgrims who have already completed their journey.

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, also known as “Dr. Italy,” is the founder of the Crossroads Initiative, a ministry that creatively proclaimed the Gospel to young people through music and media. He holds an MA and PhD in historical theology from Catholic University of America and is known for delivering profound Catholic truths in understandable and relevant terms. In addition to teaching for Catholic Distance University, Dr. D’Ambrosio is a professor at the International Catholic University. He is a popular TV and radio personality. Dr. D’Ambrosio is also the author of several books. His most recent book, Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life, is currently being read, studied, and discussed, by parishioners at the Church of Saint Monica on Sunday mornings during January, February, and March at the Hagenbach Room.

The Crossroads Initiative Library

(https://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/library/) provides resources to keep you on track during your spiritual journey. Wayfarers need directions . . . and food for the journey. The resources in the Crossroads Initiative Library provide both, in abundance. A veritable feast for the eyes and the spirit, plus roadmaps to get you to where you want to go. The Crossroads Initiative Library is a place to pause for a while, rest, be refreshed, and get your bearings.


  • The MEDIA section provides Writings, Podcasts*, Videos and Blogs**.
  • The AUTHORS section includes Early Fathers of the Church through Current Authors such as Jeff Cavins, Peter Kreeft, Popes Benedict and Francis, and Scott Hahn.
  • The TOPICS section covers Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Sacraments, Ethics, Prayer, Discipleship and Theology.
  • The SEASONS section includes Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Years A, B, and C of the liturgical year.
  • The Liturgical Calendar follows a three-year cycle, each year being represented by the letters, A, B, and C. During the year A cycle, the Gospel of Matthew is the primary Gospel that is used for the readings. In year B, Mark is the primary Gospel. In year C, Luke is the primary Gospel. The chief purpose of the liturgy and of the Liturgical Year is to glorify God, to offer a full and varied homage to the Most High. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the chief act of Catholic worship and the very heart of the liturgy, renders this homage and glory to God in the highest degree.
  • The Library is dynamic and not simply a depository of facts and information. You will frequently find new texts and events featured to keep you on top of what you need to grow as a Catholic.



* Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web site to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players. The term comes from a combination of the words iPod (a personal digital audio player made by Apple) and broadcasting.

** Blogs are types of websites with writings published in the form of posts by one author. They appear in chronological order and are extremely easy to create and operate. Blogs are great platforms that have enabled people to voice their opinions, express their ideas, thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on a common rostrum.

Blessings and Peace to you as we journey together in Encountering Christ in Word, Liturgy, Charity, and Community. From a Saint Monica Sojourner

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