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Posts from the ‘Personal Ministry Updates’ Category

Faith, Love and God Only Come Through An “Encounter.” Homily 3rd Sunday of Lent

Empirical evidence and the scientific method will not get you a date... will not help you find God either.

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Puppies, Kittens and Circles of Sin – A Spiritual Reflection

We need to sharpen our consciences and make the right choices.

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The 2nd Sunday of Lent- The Homily

"Real connections" have requirements: vulnerability, saying "I don’t have completely together,” naming what you need and asking it from someone who can provide it.

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All Abilities Hoops 2017

Volunteering for All Abilites Basketball is rewarding for both the players and the volunteers.

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The 1st Sunday in Lent – The Homily

Faith, Friendship and Why Christ Leads Us Into The Desert

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Philadelphia Association of Church Musicians Conference

Slide show presentation from February 26, 2017 conference at Malvern Retreat House

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