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Posts from the ‘Personal Ministry Updates’ Category

Discernment 1: An Introduction

"What are you looking for, what are you seeking, what matters to you?"

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May – Dedicated to Mary Our Mother

“I want to encourage everyone to rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary at home in May.” -Pope Francis

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The Synod, Listening Sessions on Synodality. What is all that exactly?

What is they synod thing? Why has Pope Francis called for one? What is its purpose? What is Saint Monica’s role in it? What is this “Listening Session” you have heard about? What is my role in this?

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The ABCs of Divine Mercy

We can practice the message of Divine Mercy Sunday by remembering the ABCs of God's Mercy

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How Asking for Help Opens Doors

Any reluctance on our part to let people instruct or help us reflects what often happens in our spiritual life.

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There Are No “God-Free Zones”

We are accustomed to being left alone in the very places where we need Christ the most.

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