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Posts from the ‘Personal Ministry Updates’ Category

Presentation of Parish Vision and Revisiting Reception of Holy Communion

Two items this week: (1) An. invitation to "Parish Vision" session and (2) Discussion on reception of Holy Communion in the midst of Covid protocols.

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Fratelli Tutti. Weeds, Wheat and Fruitful Dialogue

People are complex. Jesus acknowledges that each person's heart contains weeds and wheat. This also acknowledges that people can be redeemed.

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Fratelli Tutti: Recovering Kindness

People are exercising compassion, kindness, and solidarity in concrete ways. Thus, we see Pope Francis’ call for kindness flourishing here in our midst.

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Fratelli Tutti: Dialogue With Different Cultures

Pope Francis is challenging countries and individuals to expand their conversation into new areas.

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Liturgical Update: Holy Week, Easter and Beyond

On March 10, 2021, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia provided an update on liturgical directives. A summary is provided here.

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Church and State. Answer to an Inquiry

An earlier response to an email about the appropriateness of the Catholic Church's engagement in politics.

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