Spiritual Tools for 2022: ALETEIA (Al-a-TAY-ah)

From a Saint Monica Sojourner January 1-2, 2022 Bulletin

Spiritual Tools to Help Grow Your Faith in 2022 – ALETEIA (Al-a-tay-ah)

If you added a four-legged, furry creature to your family during the holiday season, you know you’ve made significant changes in your daily routines. This new family member gets to eat breakfast before you do. You set your alarm clock to a time before the sun rises. Walking for a twenty-to-thirty-minute period is now your exercise of choice. You’re recycling the plastic produce bags you get from the market to take with you when you and your new friend go out for a walk. But will you also make changes in how you grow your faith in 2022 to become closer to Jesus Christ?

This is the first in a series from the Sojourner about internet sites you can connect to on your phone or laptop that provide you with spiritual tools to reenergize you on your journey with Jesus.

What is Aleteia? The word Aleteia means truth or disclosure in philosophy. The literal meaning in Greek is “the state of being hidden, the state of being evident.” Aleteia.org is an online Catholic news and information website founded in 2011/2012 by Jesus Colina via the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media. It has the approval of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Evangelization. It is based in France and operates in eight languages worldwide. In July, 2020 OSV (Our Sunday Visitor) announced a new partnership with global Catholic media network Aleteia to bring Catholic content to English and Spanish speaking readers.

As a worldwide network, Aleteia provides daily content designed to inspire readers in their daily life. The publication presents:At Aleteia.org you can subscribe to their Newsletter and receive it in your daily email. As a worldwide publication, Aleteia presents items on:

  • NEWS

There is also a Daily Prayer section which includes a Prayer for the Morning and Evening and a Daily Meditation from the publishers of Magnificat.

The following topics are from recent issues of Aleteia:


  • 4 Ways the Kingdom of God can dwell in your heart
  • 5 Prayers for desperate students during final exam
  • Advent with Aleteia: Surrender your will to God’s will
  • A prayer to St. Joseph when you can’t get your work done
  • Dorothy Day’s cause for canonization enters final phase


  • Why we need to embrace growing older
  • The virtue that helps us to be happier
  • 6 Ways to encourage gratitude in modern-day kids
  • 5 Ways to engage small children on long trips this winter
  • 4 Tips for fighting any kind of anxiety


  • The best part of turning 50 as a mother
  • 5 Time management tips for overworked moms
  • 10 Tips for a daughter stepping out into the adult world
  • For moms: How to prevent daily burnout when there’s too much to do
  • 8 Motherly saints to turn to when family life gets tough


  • Pope explains how to reboot our spiritual life
  • Pope reassures youth: We can always start over again
  • Faith or works? Pope takes up ancient question
  • Feeling trapped? Grow in freedom with these 10 insights from Pope Francis
  • Bishop Barron: The moral and spiritual purpose of the law
  • Aleteia is “The riches of our Faith, all on one site.”

Blessings and Peace to you as we journey together in Encountering Christ in Word,

Liturgy, Charity, and Community. From a Saint Monica Sojourner

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