St. Monica: Recent Past - A Hopeful Future (Leadership Part 4)


Last week I got into the details of “Leadership of Self” (c’est moi). I mentioned that this requires a significant investment of time and sweat equity. It requires constant vigilance by leaders to make sure what has been written and planned is done. It should be reviewed and redone yearly. I wrote that we have engaged in leadership development as a staff “team.” The Catholic Leadership Institute moderated this endeavor. A generous donation by a parish family provided the financial support.

Why is this important? First, it provides direction. The parish is bringing people to an “Encounter with Jesus Christ.” We do this through liturgy, through engaging God’s Word and through reaching out and helping others. The activities of the parish staff need to sync with that. Second, it is a proper stewardship of valuable, limited parish resources. Personnel is the most expensive resource that organizations have. They need to be employed wisely. I - and you - need to take care of them. Third, it provides important parameters and healthy boundaries. The Parish Staff is not here to implement the “Great Commission” of Jesus Christ (“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19-20). That’s the job of the People of God! The Parish Staff is not the “help desk.” They are not there to make people happy or do stuff for people. The role of the Pastor is to reach out, bring people to Christ, grow people in their faith, and form parishioners as disciples. A Pastor hires a staff to support the Pastor in that role. The Pastor and the Parish Staff discerns what activities are the Staff’s responsibility. Other spiritual, pastoral, temporal, and even administrative activity are the purview of the People of God.

So, what is the Parish Staff focusing on this year? Let me offer the “Role Purpose” statements of each of them. I shall also include the values that they are working on this year. Let’s start at the top:

Fr. Zlock: Through teaching/preaching individuals, along with envisioning, organizing and empowering the parish, I shall facilitate an encounter with the mystical Christ so that parishioners become fully alive, thrive and realize their God-given purpose, such that parishioners become conduits of God’s love, healing and mercy and take this encounter experience to others. Values: Listening, “Feedback First,” Patience and “Slow Down the Process,” Empathy, Humility.

Cathy Levine: My role-related purpose is to use my love of my Faith, enthusiasm, and patience to encourage, comfort and serve so that I can interact with all other people who call on us or visit St. Monica’s, as well as be available to assist Father Zlock and the staff, leaving them with a sense of confidence in the service provided, in addition to being witness to Christ’s love in action. Values: Compassion, Thinking Beyond the Face Value, Positivity, Growth, Acceptance of The Good.

Deborah Rojas: Through music and beautiful liturgy along with envisioning, planning, and empowering those whom I directly serve in the music ministry, I shall support Father Zlock in creating an encounter with Christ that draws parishioners to a deeper relationship with God, brings healing and comfort to the wounded and suffering, hope to the despairing, strength to the weak, and encourages joy on the journey. Values: Prayer, Patience With the Process, Love, Standard of Excellence.

Jason Carter: Use my skills of teaching, leadership and my passion for the Lord to invite youth and families into a deeper relationship with Jesus while ultimately challenging them to go out and do the same for others. Values: Understanding, Boldness, Collaboration, Patience.

Meghan Nulty: To use my zeal and relatability to love by listening and encouraging the youth and their families to venture towards Christ. Values: Understanding, Perseverance, Confidence, Spirituality.

Vince Gutierrez: To coordinate the use and maintain the appearance, cleanliness, functioning, and security of the buildings and grounds of the entire St. Monica campus. Values: Utilizing Spiritual Motivation, Realistic Expectations of Time, Listening Before Speaking, Speaking When Needed.

Parish Staff: We will use our love of Christ and His Church and our commitment to each other to encourage and create a trusting environment among our team so that we and every individual we meet inside the parish and in the larger community can flourish and bear radical fruit in the world. Values: Trustworthy, Loving, Awareness, Flexibility, Joy.











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