Philly Priest Hear “Sweet” Thoughts on “Lectio Devina” From Cardinal Collins

So here we are in “Chocolatetown, USA” (aka, Hershey, PA) listening to Cardinal Thomas Collins from Toronto, our keynote speaker this week during the Priest Convocation of the priests of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Theme is “Year of Faith, The Priest as Preacher and Teacher of the Faith.”

Here are some random thoughts from Cardinal Thomas Collins from Toronto as he spoke to the priests of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia this evening. He presented some special ideas, for me at least and, I am sure, for many of the other priests here.

Random Idea #1: We have GOT to get more into the “WORD” and, although his audience was priests, I am not just speaking about the priests. According to him, one effective way that he has used and promoted is “Lectio Devina.

In speaking about this he mentioned two simultaneous aspects:

We dive into, read, chew, muddle, through, plow through, just simply read the Scripture. We start with “Here I am Lord I come to do your will.” But to know your will, you have to hear him first. Using this as a point of departure, we allow the WORD to touch us in three ways:

Head - Heart - Hands or….

To Hear - To Know - To Love/Serve

This leads to a change in life. This leads to a move towards action. It is hopeful (very much reflecting Pope Benedict’s encyclical on “Hope”) because only hopeful people think that there is a positive future to which positive human action is worth investing.

Random Idea #2: “Quality time” vs.Quantity time.” EVERYBODY is emphasizing “quality time” these days. He said that QUANTITY time if more important than quality time. Why? “Quality time” so often involves giving something you own or have. With “quantity time,” you’re giving yourself which is much more valuable! Seriously, who can judge what “quality prayer time with God” is? Got a “measurement rubric” for that one? But when you spend time with him, that means something. Look, just READ the Word of God. It doesn’t matter how “well” you’re doing it.

Random Idea #3:

For priests, if you want to feed your soul and thus feed the people:

* Know the Word.

* Know your people.

For the laity:

If you want to feed your soul and thus feed other people (Yes,you have a part to play in the “New Evangelization” too):

* Know the Word.

* Know yourself.

Random Idea #4 on the Sacrament of Confession:

When you delve into the Word, this helps move you BEYOND what you usually say in Confession. You start moving further and deeper into the mystery. This is risky and VERY scarey territory but this can ONLY be done when you’re in the Word.

That’s it for tonight. More later (perhaps)

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