What Legacy Are You Leaving? An Advent Reflection Series

If someone examined the life you lived in 2020, would you be proud of it. Would you be embarrassed? It would probably be a combination of both.

Want to ask a bigger question? When people are at the luncheon reception after your funeral, they will discuss your life. Will you be proud of what they say? Will you be embarrassed?

In the podcast, “Scripture Series Part 3: Waymaker - Jesus the Way, The Truth, and the Life” [starting @ 14:41] Michelle Benzinger asks a poignant question:

What legacy are you leaving behind?

When you look back on 2020, Is the life I’m leading the life that Christ wasn’t to live in me?

Everyone is questioning everything today. We are in a leadership crisis. What is the “code of conduct” that directs people of power and influence and wealth? What is the moral measuring rod they reference while they exercise their authority?

St. Irenaeus once wrote, “The Glory of God is man fully alive.” What does that look like? What does abundant life look like?

To answer that question, you also must ask, “Where are the areas in my life that are not abundant? Why? Michelle says, “God has put us at the table with a banquet. I’m sitting on the floor eating fast food.” Where does that come from? Sin? Woundedness? Laziness? Ask Christ. Pray, “Lord, fill in the blanks.”

What about you? What’s your “Rule of Benedict?” What daily architecture do you use to prioritize the tasks and plan your day?

His has to be the loudest voice you hear. Yet, this prayer time needs to be intentional. It’s vital. It needs to be a priority. It’s about making time and space. You need to intentionally put Christ on the throne and make Jesus a priority.

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