What Is Not the Way? An Advent Reflection Series

Election noise. Post-election noise. Social media noise. Christmas holiday noise. That awful song about grandma and the reindeer.

The Social Dilemma is a 2020 American docudrama. It explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society. The creators examine how social media design nurtures an addiction, it’s use in politics, and its effect on mental health.

Contrast this with the ideas found in C. S. Lewis’ book The Last Battle. This was the seventh and final novel in The Chronicles of Narnia series. Lewis writes that we were not created to stay down and dwell in the muck. “Come further up - come further in.”

Jesus said, “I AM the way.” Jesus also said, “I AM the truth. Jesus does not do “fake news.”

Dr. Bob Schuchts & Jake Khym, MA are Catholic therapists with over 50 years combined experience teaching and accompanying people into fuller life and freedom. They met about 12 years ago and realized they shared a similar understanding of the value of an integrated approach to a journey of healing. Bob and Jake have their own ministries but also collaborate on events and conferences and on their podcast, “Restore The Glory.” Their hope is that their podcast becomes an accessible way for people to hear the good news of freedom that is available in and through Jesus Christ.

Schuchts and Khym ask, “Where are the places within us where we have made agreement with the enemy. Where have we believed the lies about…

..our identity?

…the false images about God?

…where God wasn’t and should have been in our lives?

This is not the truth. This just bears bad fruit.

What is the truth about the way of Jesus? Mercy. Trust. Abandonment to the Father. Dependence. The dignity of the human person. Reciprocity of love in relationships.

If Jesus the is the truth, we need to go to Him. Let Him tell you what recalibration of “the way” needs to be done. Bring it to the Lord and be honest with Him. He will not be embarrassed. He will not embarrass you. He will help you to break of constraints that are hindering you and constraining you from running your race - Jesus the way.

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