There’s Gotta Be More Than This …


Have you been wondering what this ALPHA thing is all about? Have you been thinking about trying the Alpha course? Now’s your chance! Come and see!




What Is It?
The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith, where guests have an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting. The course meets once per week, Sunday afternoon from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, for 10 sessions from September 15 - November 25. There is also an opportunity to participate in a two-day retreat dealing with the subject of the Holy Spirit at Malvern Retreat House Friday November 2nd & 3rd.

At each session, people enjoy a simple meal, laughter and learning about the person and teachings of Jesus in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere where no question about life or God is too simple or too hostile. There is no charge to attend the Sunday Alpha sessions. The Friday evening/Saturday retreat at Malvern Retreat House does involve a fee.

Who Is Alpha For?
Alpha is for anyone: all backgrounds, religions and viewpoints. Everyone is welcome. The Alpha course has proved to be an effective tool for awakening faith in people who are on the fringe of parish life, faithful Catholics and those outside the faith.

More than 16 million people in 168 countries around the world have taken the Alpha Course already, and it is being offered by Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant churches. The basic truths of Christianity are presented with energy and enthusiasm, and Catholics should not have to go to other churches to hear that message.

What does the schedule look like?

1:00 - Informal meal
1:25 - Welcoming and announcements
1:30 - Video presentation on current topic
2:00 - Small-group discussion. Guests are encouraged to raise questions they might have about the topic.
2:30 – The session ends.


What are the dates and topics?

  • Sunday September 16: Who is Jesus?
  • Sunday September 23: Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
  • Sunday September 30: Faith - How Can I Be Sure?
  • Sunday October 7: Why And How Series - Reading the Bible.
  • Sunday October 14: Why And How Series - Praying and Prayer.
  • Sunday October 21: How Does God Guide Us In Life?
  • Sunday October 28: How Can I Resist Evil?
  • Sunday November 4: Why And How Series - Telling Others About Christ and Faith.
  • Sunday November 18: Does God Actually Heal Today?
  • Sunday November 25: What About this Church Thing?


Other FAQs:

Do I have to talk during table discussion? No, you can remain silent the entire time if you wish. We work hard to maintain a relaxed environment, and you are free to participate however you feel comfortable.

I am coming, but I won’t know anyone else. Is that normal? Most of those who come to Alpha don’t know many people there. By the end of the Course most people have become friends. The open, honest conversations Alpha is known for are great for bringing people together.

Can I just come and see the first week? Definitely. We do ask that you register so we are sure to have enough food for you and everyone else.

What if after a week or two I don’t want to continue? If you don’t want to continue, that’s perfectly okay. We won’t bother you if you don’t come back.

Is childcare offered? At this time , childcare is not offered.

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