Master Plan - Implementation Preparation

This week we began the first, largest and most complex part of the St. Monica Master Plan. Preparation began bright and early on Monday morning with a meeting between Fr. Zlock, the Project Director and Project Manager from Warfel, Frank Pantano (Facilities), Frank Orman (Liturgy and Music), Dennis Keough (Keough Electronics: lighting and wiring) as well as workers from Haller (HVAC).

Early discussion centered on finalizing paperwork and minor contract issues. Next we discussed what work was on the agenda first which centered on in delivery of a dumpster followed by Haller removing the old boilers and installing the new heating system. Keough Electronics was going to perform some initial site prep while Clair Systems (sound) was going to begin removing the old speakers.

Conversations later in the week would include removal and re-positioning of several of the pews, reconfiguration/rebuilding of the choir area and preparation for the deconstruction of the air conditioning air handlers.









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