Master Plan Implemention

Our beautiful church building, which is almost 25 years old, will soon be getting a facelift. After over two years of planning, we will soon be simultaneously repairing, replacing and installing several new components of the Master Plan. Specifically this involves four areas: Temperature and Climate Control; Sound Quality and Music; Church Aesthetics; Other Miscellaneous Items.


Temperature and Climate Control:

  • Replace 2 main air conditioning units in Church.
  • Replace broken air conditioning units in the Parish Center.
  • Replace furnace unit in the Church.
  • Perform other needed repairs on Church heating equipment.
  • Replace corroded heating pipes, fixtures and valves.
  • Adjust duct work.
  • Install new control system for for Heating-Venting-Air Conditioning.


Sound and Music:

  • Install new sound system.
  • Install new speakers for voice/Liturgy of the Word.
  • Purchase new microphones.
  • Purchase new hearing aid devices and modernize broadcast capabilities.
  • Install new organ.
  • Install new speaker system for the organ



  • Install new cost-saving LED lighting while keeping existing chandeliers.
  • Install new controls for lighting.
  • Remove unneeded speakers.
  • Drywall unused speaker covers.
  • Install new speaker covers and wood work for both voice and organ speakers.
  • Repaint the church.


Other Items:

  • Pull and install all required wiring.
  • Install additional wiring to accommodate eventual contemporary music capabilities.
  • Install additional wiring for eventual video projection, video recording and live streaming capabilities.
  • Install control desk in choir areas to allow us to adjust lighting and sound “on the fly” as well as to provide for eventual video projection, video recording and live streaming capabilities.
  • Reconfigure choir area.




These project components are being coordinated by Warfel Construction Management and components are being provided by:

Funding is being provided from money already collected through last year’s Financial Campaign. Additional projects are also being simultaneously performed with funds allocated through our parish budget. There is sufficient funds currently available to cover all of the costs of these proposed projects.



In order to:

  • Coordinate all of this work,
  • Integrate all intersecting components,
  • Save long-terms costs by combining as much work as possible so as to rent and use necessary heavy equipment only once,
  • Provide as little disruption to the parish as possible,

We will be closing the main church building down beginning Monday September 26 – Monday November 7.

Daily Mass, weekend Mass and Confessions will be held in the school gym during this time.



Over the past 2 years, this work has been meticulously studied planned and implemented by members of the Facilities Committee:

  • Fred Pioggia,
  • Jim Sanborn,
  • Richard Annechini,
  • Mike Cappelletti,

With continued input from:

  • Terry Carey (Parish Finance Director)
  • Frank Orman (Liturgy and Music),
  • Frank Pantano (Facilities Manager)
  • Cathy Levine (Administrative Assistant),
  • Parish Pastoral Council members
  • And Parish Finance Council members, Matthew Tomasicchio, Chairman


On behalf of St. Monica Parish, please extend, along with me, our thanks to them for their selfless, tireless and professional work.

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