Master Plan Update 4-26-16


Structural Analysis - There was a question whether the church roof, located over the church entrance area, is structurally sound to support new HVAC units. Warfel and the St. Monica Facilities Committee reviewed the structural analysis quotes and decided to proceed with as long as they could match the not to exceed amount of $6,500.Warfel will follow up with WZG concerning moving forward.
Other Concerns - The Committee expressed concern about seeing the units from the ground. Warfel will ensure that the final design takes this concern into account.

The Committee also expressed concerns with installing a redundant system similar to what currently exists. Warfel will ensure that the final design takes this concern into account.

The group discussed removing and replacing the existing “EPDM” (rubber) roof while the HVAC units are being replaced. Sean Cotter of Warfel will present an order of magnitude price at the 4.26.16 meeting.

Current Air Conditioning System -

The AC units malfunctioned last weekend. Frank Pantano (St. Monica Facilities Director) and Tozour (our contracted HVAC maintenance company) were on-site Sunday afternoon to do an analysis and restart system. As of April 18, a new freon commercial air conditionercharge was administered to the larger AC unit above the church lobby. A new AC belt was installed in the smaller AC unit in the boiler room behind the altar area. Both systems are currently operational and should be fully functional enough until the new HVAC units are installed.

Projected time frame for new HVAC system: within the next 6 - 8 weeks or end of May - middle of June time frame.

New Sound System -The sound system was discussed and it was decided to invite the following subcontractors:

  • Spinnaker
  • Sound Design
  • Judge Group
  • Grafton Piano and Organ Co.
  • Zeo-Systems
  • Clair Brothers

The following A.V. scope issues were discussed at the meeting:

  1. Everyone seated must be able to hear.
  2. The choir area needs to be mic’d
  3. The design should have an option to plug in a contemporary ensemble.
  4. The design should be able to record music/services.
  5. We would like ability to project AV images on (2) walls.
  6. The sound system needs to have (5) speaker systems for ancillary rooms.
  7. The group would like the controls moved to the back of the house from their current position.

Sound subcontractor walk through will be scheduled for the week of April 25th. Bids will be submitted 7 - 10 days following the walk through. Sean Cotter from Warfel will coordinate a design coordination meeting between the selected sound contractor and Zimmer (organ company) as soon as a sound company has been selected Warfel CompanyNext Steps -

  • Sean Cotter of Warfel will be receiving the HVAC and Electrical quotes the week of April 18th to review with the group at the 4.26.16 meeting.
  • Once contractors are chosen, Warfel will schedule a coordination meeting to ensure all scopes of work are covered.


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