The Eucharist by Fr. Robert Barron



As part of the “Adult Faith Formation” program of the Church of St. Monica in Berwabout_frBobyn, PA. we shall be reading and reflecting on the book, Eucharist by Father Robert Barron.





October 20 – Eucharist as “Sacrifice” & Listening to God to Heal the World.


October 13 -The Social Implications of the Heavenly Banquet


October 5 -The Banquet as and Entree to a New and Bigger Life


September 15 – Being “Thirsty,” not “Hungry”


September 8 – Meal Symbolism in Jesus and the New Testament


August 25 – Three Examples of Old Testament “Meal Symbolism”


August 4 – DO THIS In Memory Of Me….and so they did.  


August 8 – Why Did God Create Anything At All?


August 18 – Grace Received FIRST!

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