Links Are Not Relationships

Rocco Palmo (@roccopalmo) provided a tweet this morning on the “New Media.”

Connection is not communion, expression is not communication, links are not relationships.

This reminded me of some thoughts I had previously mentioned after reading Tom Shakely’s blog on social media, social vitality and interpersonal connections. It really is all about “relationships” and, in our faith context, the primary relationship that we have is with Christ.

Tom and I spoke about this recently while being assisted by a lovely-and-talented-Neuman-Goretti-grad at Popi’s Restaurant in South Philly. He said that it’s all about stories and making the connections between people who share something in common. It begins in the human-experience realm but can easily and quickly find depth and more meaning in the spiritual realm. The technology is secondary - the key is making the human/personal connections.

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