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Easter - The Homily

Who will separate us from the weight of the past and have us enter into a new path to the future? Someone who will come and "roll away the stone.”

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The 5th Sunday in Lent - The Homily

The person needs to trust us as a person before they will listen to our message.

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Third Sunday of Lent - The Homily

Jesus didn't have a problem with the rules. The people needed to hit the "reset button."

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The Second Sunday in Lent - The Homily

You were created for a reason. You have a mission. You have a PURPOSE.

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The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Homily

"Outside the camp" it's dark and foreboding and the lepers are there. but it's also quiet and that's where Jesus hangs out.

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In Light Of Our 10-Year “Master Plan” Roll Out - Part 1

The FIRST most important finding: Church activity does not predict - nor drive - long-term spiritual growth.

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