Musing on the Occurrences at St. Monica Over the Past Year

I was musing on the occurrences at St. Monica over the past year. I wanted to provide a bit of a review of what happened. To keep it simple, I classified items as only positive or negative. The items below are also in no particular order or priority. They are a mix of individual items, which are my responsibility, some items pertaining to teams (staff, parish organizations) and other items pertaining to the entire parish.



In addition I included a link to a document entitled, “Characteristics Found In Vital Parishes.” This provides a listing of traits in 7 key areas that would be seen or demonstrated in vibrant, growing parishes.


Positive Developments:

  • Developed and wrote 16 “Charters” for the Parish, Finance and Pastoral Councils, parish Staff, parish Organizations, the Pastor and individual parish staff members. “Charters” are detailed documents which outline vision, roles, responsibilities and goals, etc… for individuals, one-on-one relationships, teams and larger organizations.
  • Recommend and helped bring in “Called and Gifted” workshop on individual charisms.
  • Stabilized Parish finances.
  • Submitted “positive-result” (profitable) parish budget to archdiocese.
  • Continued to make improvements on detailed line-item based budget and financial reporting of parish finances and resources. Published detailed financial reports to parish-at-large on quarterly basis.
  • Sold property adjacent to rectory leading to pay-off of parish debt.
  • Re-organized, trained and improved “Ministry of Ushers” including publishing of new ministry manual.
  • Held “Theology On Tap” for “Merry Widows,” young adults and for parish-at -large.
  • Saw positive, enhancement and growth of “Ministry of Hospitality/Welcoming.”
  • Performed full, detailed analysis of parish campus buildings.
  • Developed 10 year “master plan” for parish facilities integrated with parish pastoral priorities.
  • Developed and published a “statement” of one-year parish direction including individual suggestions for parishioners to strengthen and develop their own personal spirituality.
  • Recruited and appointed new Parish Pastoral- and Parish Finance Council members.
  • Pastor successfully met individual “key responsibility areas/smart goals for the year.
  • Positively enhanced monthly liturgy at Devon Manor. Initiated monthly liturgy at Trinity House.
  • Implemented monthly “Communion Calls” to shut-in and infirm parishioners.
  • Contracted lease of “new school” property with Green Valley Academy.
  • Audited, reviewed and enhanced scholarship program for Catholic education.
  • Saw growth in popularity of annual parish picnic. Initiated (possible annual) “Parish Spirit Day” during Pentecost Sunday weekend.
  • Renovated youth room in old school.
  • Implemented year-long prayer initiative led by “Adult Faith Formation Committee.”
  • Added “Leadership Training Program” for girls to already existing “LTP – Boys” program.
  • Initiated of “Walking With Purpose” Scripture study for women at St. Monica.


Additional Work Required:

  • Could not place someone in leadership position to lead “Pastoral Outwhen it is meaningful enoughreach” and bring together team to better reach out to poor and disadvantaged in parish.
  • Did not implement “Pastoral Outreach” program based on results of Villanova University MBA study.
  • No one placed in leadership positions to oversee “Eucharistic Ministers” and “Ministry of Lectors.”
  • Not able to hire new Family/Youth Minister.
  • Did not fully implement “Bereavement Ministry.”
  • Needed to more clearly develop and enunciate music/liturgy vision for the parish.
  • No focused intentional initiative/effort to promote vocations within the parish.
  • No vocations to priesthood or religious life from St. Monica Parish.
  • Relatively small number of candidates (2) to R.C.I.A. program (converts)



Metrics: (Goal was to grow by 10% in each category in 2014)

  • Weekend Mass Participation - + 4% (2013 - 801/ 2014 – 834)
  • Baptisms – -11% (2013 – 37 / 2014 – 33)
  • Weddings – +71% (2013 - 7 / 2014 – 12)
  • Registrations of New Parishioners - +28% (2013 - 51/ 2014 – 65)
  • Income and Expenses (FYI July 1 thru December 31)

………………………………………………………………………….. 2013 2014

  • Operating Income + 6% ($564,661 $595,816)
  • Operating Expenses +10% ($467,927 $514,255)
  • Net Income - 16% ($ 96,734 $ 81,561)

Naturally I would be interested in any feedback and I apologize if I left anything out.



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