God Country and [ fill in name of favoite Catholic Univiersity here ]

I have visited the University of Notre Dame on several occasions for professional workshops and updating sessions. I was never a big N.D. fan but, after visiting there, speaking with students, professors, alums, a former president (Fr. Edward “Monk” Malloy, C.S.C.) I found myself becoming rather impressed about the place, it’s history, its values, visions and contribution to the Church and education.

Thus I was bitterly disappointed when the university offered our president an honorary degree. I didn’t mind offering him an invitation or even coming up with a forum in which he could engage the student population and others on topics which are relevant to our times. I thought they made a mistake doing what they did (and I personally wrote and told them so and why).

John O’Callaghan is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is someone who is obviously in love with the place and, more importantly, its vision and values. He takes the high ground and calls ND (and ALL universities - not just the Catholic ones) to a higher purpose in his article, “Where Do You Stand?”

If Catholic higher education is important to you, this article is worth reading.

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