Sons (and daughters) of Caesar

Hearing a lot of “buzz” on the Catholic Church lately:

* The debate about the HHS Mandate, the Fortnight for Freedom and religions liberty continues.

* 200 employees of Abington Memorial Hospital (Abington, PA) “unanimously objecting” to being purchased by a Catholic Health Care system.

* The Vatican vs. the LCWR as reported on NPR by Scott Simon and Terry Gross on “Fresh Air.”

Remember when some thought the Catholic Church was just going to quietly fade away or that religious should be relegated to what you do “in private.” How’s that working for ya?

I was listening to Terry Gross’ conversation with sister Pat Farrell. It was a very interesting conversation about a fascinating situation within Holy Mother Church (pardon the feminine language). Reminded me a bit of Elizabeth’s Scalia’s article on people inside, outside and on the margins of the ‘Bark of Peter” (sorry for the male overtones).

One thing I am finding refreshing about the various conversations is that more and more, we have arrived at a Joshua 24:25 moment in the Catholic Church in America. What’s the standard? The Word or not? People will simply have to decide.

Sviluppo: Just today I saw this article by Carl Olsen on the same issue. He expresses an analysis with more erudition than I.

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