“The Pill” Will……what? The Contraception Conversation Continues

“The Pill” will….set you free?

It’s interesting. Over the years, I have had select groups of Roman Catholics criticize us priests for not speaking out enough about the subject of contraception. Like several Popes in the past, they not only see the moral decline within our Catholic community as a result of a “contraceptive mentality,” they see the much bigger picture in terms of the:

* Social impact. They counter the doom sayers who predict the cataclysmic impact of the “population bomb.” Smaller families mean that entire European nations are currently in danger of becoming extinct (or so small as to become statistically insignificant) if certain demographic models become reality.

* Economic impact. Fewer children means less financial support for Social Security and other support structures for the aging “Baby Boom” generation.

* Impact on Education. One reason that Catholic schools are closing is that we don’t see families with 3, 4, 5, 6, “Catholic” children any more. This leads to…

* Religious Impact. Other faiths (for example, certain branches of Judaism, Islamic cultures) see children as a blessing from God, not economic burdens that need to be closely “planned.” They are delighted to be blessed with many children and large families. This leads to…

* Political Impact. Europe is becoming a political “fault line” as children of larger families of non-native European cultures become of age and enter the political process.

Their thoughts are reflected in a book,”Adam and Even After the Pill” by Mary Eberstadt which was covered in the national Catholic Register. The Cornell grad (Magna Cum Laude) and current research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, analyzes the impact of the “sexual revolution” especially the effects of “separating sex from procreation.” (Now, where have we heard THAT before?). As one read’s at Amazon, Eberstadt, “contends that sexual freedom has paradoxically produced widespread discontent. Drawing on…a host of feminists, food writers, musicians, and other voices from across today’s popular culture, Eberstadt makes her contrarian case with an impressive array of evidence. Her chapters range across academic disciplines and include supporting evidence from contemporary literature and music, women’s studies, college memoirs, dietary guides, advertisements, television shows, and films.”

Can you say Casti Conubi (Pius XI)?

Can you say Humanae Vitae (Paul VI)?

Can you say Familiaris Consortio (John Paul II)?

By the way, what’s with these Popes talking about families, contraception and the very negative impact of a contraceptive mentality?

As mentioned in a previous post of mine, Mary Eberstadt is yet one more woman speaking out about the “myth” of sexual liberty promised by contraceptive technology. Jennifer Fulweiler is another. Cornell grad Goria Purvis is another (btw, what’s with these Cornell woman alums talking about families, contraception and the very negative impact of a contraceptive mentality?) As the Catholic Church hierarchy continues to “engage” the current administration concerning the HHS “mandate debate,” the conversation surrounding the subject of contraception is beginning to broaden. The difference seems to be that science is beginning to “catch up” withe the wisdom of the Catholic Church.

Imagine that.

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