Article: How to Ruin Your Marriage With NFP

Had the opportunity to give a talk at a Pre-Cana day today. It was a wonderful experience ministering to, speaking with, worshipping with and encountering so many positive, optimistic couples. There is something to be said about the “spes ecclesia.”

A number of the talks discussed the topics of intimacy, sexuality, and Natural Family Planning. I mentioned an article that I had recently seen called “How to Ruin Your Marriage With NFP.” It was written by Simcha Fisher who “writes for several publications and blogs at I Have to Sit Down. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and nine children. Without supernatural aid, she would hardly be a human being.”

Now, understand that (as I read her) Simcha does NOT disdain NFP. Quite the opposite. But she does employ a literary device - highly misunderstood today - known as “satire” (with samurai-honed, rapier-like form I might add). Please read her article with that in mind.

The Pre-Cana team seemed intrigued by the title and, after I mentioned it, even a number of the couples who were there today asked if I could post the article on my web site.

Wish granted.

Fr. Zlock

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