Commenting on “Truth or Convenience?” by Jen Fulwiler

I noticed an article by Jennifer Fulwiler. I follow her “Conversion Diary” on Twitter. She wrote a blog, “Are We Seeking Truth, or Convenience?” It reminded me of a G.K. Chesterton quote, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”
This Catholic thing is HARD! This “following Jesus Christ” is challenging. Believing that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and that “the Church of Jesus Christ ‘subsists’ in the Catholic church” and staying with that church especially NOW, here in North America, is a struggle.
I’m not planning on leaving the Church anytime soon. I’m also not so naive to say that people who are taking a hiatus or have left permanently do not have legitimate reasons. This was brought to light recently by Father William Byron, S.J. in his article in America Magazine as well as his study of the Diocese of Trenton with Villanova Professor Charles Zech on why Catholics are leaving.
Nevertheless, Jennifer’s article seems to be “strong medicine” in the other direction and in support for those who stay no matter how much it hurts.
This is NOT an easy conversation. These are not easy times. What do you think?

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