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Information on new Manayunk St. Blaisé School

Today we had an “Open House” for St. Blaisé, the new regional Catholic School in Manayunk. Information on the school, the implementation, decisions concerning the name and other pertinent facts can be found on the St. Mary web site here.

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  1. Sam #

    Fr. Zlock, There was a mistake in my email address so I’m not sure if you tried to reply, I know you must be busy but this is really making me sad. I never thought I would say this but it’s getting harder and harder to understand just waht is going on here. I am at retirement age but I will keep working and maybe I can help my child pay for a private Catholic school for my Grandchildren. You don’t need to reply and there’s no need to print what I have said. I find the rudeness from the people and the staff at St. Bridget’s beyond belief. I’m sure this is not what “Faith in the Future” meant to happen. Thanks for listening.

    March 28, 2012
    • Fr. Charles Zlock #


      Don’t know if I got to you but you can post further or also send me an email I look forward to your comment. Fr. Zlock

      March 28, 2012
    • Fr. Charles Zlock #


      Naturally this causes my a certain level of distress myself. You have, perhaps unbeknownst to you, touched on a whole host of issues which are complex and interconnected.

      It is unfortunate about what you mention and probably would be best addressed by a telephone or personal conversation which I would be happy to have with you. Why don’t you call and we can set something up. 215-482-4264, extension 11.

      March 28, 2012

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