After the fall, should Adam and Eve have attended a seminar?

Thinking of this weekend’s Scripture readings for Mass after reading Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s comments. (BTW, even though recommending books is ALWAYS a dangerous thing, he has several good ones if you’re looking for some solid spiritual reading material).

Life can be dull and mundane and frustrating. We can get caught in the cubicle feeling like Dilbert. Like Fr. Rolheiser says, we begin to feel “restless.” This is a good thing! That’s God talking. That’s God trying to get us motivated and to break out somehow.

Ever been to a seminar or workshop or even a class that just left you on fire, truly inspired, energized and motivated to go out and do something new and exciting and creative? Has happened often to me. It’s one of the reasons I LOOK for such opportunities to hear different voices, get some new ideas, re-charge the spiritual/mental/professional batteries. And you ALWAYS meet exciting, motivated, interesting friendly people at events like this. They’re the only ones who go! (And the food is usually pretty good too).

Nevertheless, after a time, idealism hits reality. We might be tempted to say, “What’s the use? Why bother going to another class/seminar/workshop? Nothing ever changes.”

I don’t buy that. That’s why I liked Fr. Rolheiser’s article. We are made Imago Dei (In the “Image of God” for all of you who didn’t ace Latin in Catholic school). We are persons destined for transcendence and a part of that “eternal” resides in each of us. There will always be a flame inside of us that echoes God’s voice from Genesis saying, “Go out! Be Fruitful! Multiply! Make others feel excited too!” This must be balanced, however, with the reality that we live in a fallen world needing redemption.

Sure there need to be reality checks of any new initiatives on our part but that is a part of what redemption is about. I have found that there are also other people out there (often older, wiser, more experienced) who will not only guide us but become benefactors investing in our efforts and cheerleaders motivating us on.

A quote I heard once was “I can’t do everything, but I can do something.” So, say a prayer and do something. At least get started (or at least say the prayer…..)

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