On Contemporary Spirituality

“I’m spiritual but not religious” seems to be the motto of contemporary interest in things transcendent. There are understandable reasons for such an attitude. But, drawing on thoughts from his Grace Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury), “there is the danger here that faith is reduced to a series of experiences that make us feel better”… merely a succession of self-directed ‘spiritual‘ experiments” which do not bring us into a new kingdom and a better world where relationships are redeemed and people are healed.

Jesus Christ is human AND divine. Human beings possess both components, corporeal and transcendent. Both components need to be addressed in any true “spirituality” in one’s life.

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    1. Fr. Charles Zlock says:

      Spirituality? I think that is the crux of the matter. “Classical” spirituality? “Catholic” spirituality? “Mystical” spirituality? The term is thrown around so much and , unless you call the person on it and ask them to define what THEY mean, it could mean anything they want it to mean.

      For me as a “spiritual shepherd” of some sort, a key question to ask is how is “your spirituality” bringing you into a closer relationship with Christ? Let’s start there. This at least begins the conversation.

      A final thought, some people say that they are looking for “spirituality” when what they are really looking for (or really need) is therapy.

      Fr. Zlock

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