Priesthood - The (not so new) Normal

Holiness is not applied with chrism and the laying on of hands. Priests are holier than none by virtue of being priests. If they achieve holiness, it is by the same virtues available to each of us.

Myths to Give Up About the Catholic Church

The truth myth is that we are in charge. We’re not in charge. The Lord is. It’s his plan and he’s going to continue to reveal what the plan is. And as we figure it out, we will offer it to America and to the world.

Revisiting, And Healing, An Open Wound

I was reading an article about the Catholic Church in Ireland and how they are struggling (Like us in Philadelphia) with the whole child-abuse scandal. Since the release of the second Grand Jury Report last year. A concern of mine, and many of our parishioners throughout all of this, was the total impact on people…