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Posts from the ‘Talks & Homiletic Reflections’ Category

The 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time- The Homily

How do we even begin to build trust in God so that the fear of losing materially might be diminished or eliminated?

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Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Homily

It doesn't take a lot of time, it doesn't take much - to lift someone up.

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Prayer – Pathway to God and Holiness

Notes from presentation on PRAYER - Pathway to God and Holiness" on Tuesday, September 16 at McKenzie Brew House in Malvern, PA.

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St. Monica’s Feast Day – The Homily

Monica’s story is admired, and rightly so. But Monica’s life was messy. In this regard, she provides us with some comfort and spiritual guidance in four areas where many of us struggle.

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Holy Thursday – The Homily

Why do bad things happen to innocent people?

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Homily – The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"God is not offended by our temptations, so we should not be offended by our temptations." St. Therese of Lisieux

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