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Posts from the ‘Reflections on Spirituality’ Category

Prayer – Top 10 Reasons Not To (Part 1)

Liguorian Magazine featured an article by Jerome Kropp entitled, “The Top Ten Excuses Not To Pray.” A number of items listed by Kropp were mentioned by a number of people when we held our panel discussion on prayer earlier this year. Let’s look at five of the reasons this week and look at the top 5 next week.

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Acceptance #3 – A Spiritual Reflection

Peace can be acquired if you have an urgent desire to help yourself and are willing to ask God to help you.

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Acceptance #2 A Spiritual Reflection

You can save yourself a lot of grief by admitting the futility of trying to please somebody who just can’t be pleased.

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Acceptance #1 – A Spiritual Reflection

The first step is to mentally gain a sense of perspective.

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Catholics and Finances, A Spiritual Reflection (Part 4/4)

Catholics must reconsider nostalgic loyalty to Catholic institutions that simply are not what they were when the philanthropists were in school.

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Priests and Lay Collaboration – A Spiritual Reflection

I look for someone who has a clear sense of what his/her individual call and unique charisms are.

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