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Posts from the ‘Archdiocese of Philadelphia’ Category

R.C.I.A. Retreat

The wonderful people who were in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia R.C.I.A. program attended a retreat at Malvern Retreat House before the Holy Week liturgies. The presentation notes and web site links that we discussed can be found here.

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St. Mark Faculty Retreat

The faculty from the Parish of St. Mark had attended a faculty retreat at Malvern Retreat House. Presentation notes and web site links that we discussed can be found here.

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The New Evangelization – Notes From “Theo-on-Tap”

Theology-On-Tap NE Philly held its monthly gathering on October 15, ,2012. Here are the notes from the topic: The New Evangelization

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Priesthood – The (not so new) Normal

Holiness is not applied with chrism and the laying on of hands. Priests are holier than none by virtue of being priests. If they achieve holiness, it is by the same virtues available to each of us.

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The New Evangelization – How I REALLY Feel

In a speech that he gave in Indiana on the eve of a Fortnight for Freedom, Archbishop Chaput gave his perspective on Roman Catholicism in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He claimed that, for the second time in history, Philadelphia is “mission territory.”

I could not agree with him more.

An article from “Rev. Know-It-All” (the alter ego of Fr. Richard Simon, Pastor of St. Lambert Parish in Skokie, IL.) encapsulates the frustration that I have felt more and more as a priest/Assistant Pastor/Newman Chaplain/Pastor/Parochial Administrator/school teacher/School Minister/Rector over the past 17 years. “It ain’t pretty” but is does “resonate” with me and, I am sure, many other priests in Philadelphia.

Nevertheless, I also see significant signs of hope. Many of the associations and organizations in my “favorites” section were founded and are run by competent, prayerful, creative, happy, hopeful lay people. Most of these organizations  did not even exist 10 years ago.

Ok, so we’re mission territory. So we have a lot to do. So what. If we can continue to gather men and women like the ones found in the organizations found in my favorites section to the task, we’ll do better than fine. We’ll do exceptionally well.


Manayunk Reconfiguration Part 2 – A Philly Priest’s Perspective

As Archbishop Chaput mentioned recently, there is not one area of the archdiocese that is not under stress at this moment. He also provides direction, a vision and, therefore, a sense of hope that things are improving

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