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Posts from the ‘Archdiocese of Philadelphia’ Category

Pray For Priests- A Spiritual Reflection

Take a few minutes out of your day to pray for us.

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Called and Gifted “II” Workshop at St. Monica

Close to 30 people from Chester & Montgomery County Catholic churches gathered at St. Monica to take part in a "Called and Gifted II" workshop. Presentation slides and feedback are provided here.

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Spiritual Reflection on The Family – Part 1

Moms and dads can't coast - parents have to intentionally build something new!

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Formation – Part III: Being Called, Being Formed, Being Sent

Vocation - a life pathway to serve others.

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Charisms and the “Gifts Inventory” – A Spiritual Reflection

Well, what are you good at? Start there. Ask God for enlightenment and clarity. See what God does next.

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The Pastor’s Toolbox – A Spiritual Reflection

It is incumbent on the priest, after ordination, to make sure that he engages in some type of “on-going formation” in order to keep his skills up to date.

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