Master Plan – HVAC

The first, and a significant, part of the “Master Plan” implementation this week involved disassembling, removal and replacement of the church building heating system.

Three years ago, we initiated an examination of all of the St. Monica buildings, the campus physical plant and infrastructure. An initial assessment revealed a significant need to quickly upgrade and replace many components which were in danger of breaking down or which had components which no longer functioned.


St. Monica initially contracted with Tozour Energy Systems to:

  • Begin a more detailed assessment of the shape of the physical plant and its components,
  • Provide a plan to repair equipment over the short-run,
  • Recommend which of these items especially needed to be placed on an emergency, “high priority” list in order to repair/replace them quickly,
  • Offer a longer-range plan to maintain our equipment over time,prep-3
  • Offer us a contract for a “maintenance plan” that would regularly inspect all of our equipment, provide scheduled maintenance as well as repair on an as-needed basis,
  • Provide us with “heads-up” appraisals when equipment was approaching end-of-life usefulness,
  • Submit recommendations concerning replacement equipment including cost savings, pricing and delivery schedules.

In the end, last year it was determined that the church heating was in need of replacement. In addition, the air conditioning systems were literally on “life support” and would still need some intermediate repair to get through the 2016 summer.


hvac-1This week (from Monday through Thursday), Haller Enterprises, began replacement of the church heating system. The old systems were dismantled and removed. Two new boilers were delivered and installed. New piping and plumbing was attached with all systems clearly marked to enhance and simplify future repair and maintenance.


Friday, the final touches to the boiler system should be complete. A new, modern, digital temperature control system will be installed in the coming weeks as well. Electronic and computer equipment is being purchased over the next few days that will allow St. Monica to better monitor the health of the system, provide better and more detailed service data and allow for easier temperature level adjustments.







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