Master Plan Survey


The Capital Campaign and St. Monica Parish Master Plan, are moving into the next phase.  With the help of GKO Architects and Remington Group Consulting, we identified 72 individual projects that we would like to accomplish over the next 5 years. 46 projects, a number of which have already been started or have been already completed, will be financed with excess parish reserves. The Warfel Company, a construction management company, will help St. Monica Parish define, plan, bid and complete the remaining 26 projects.

Warfel Company To help in this endeavor, we developed an on-line survey concerning these remaining 26 projects. The survey allows you – the parishioners – to assign higher priority to projects you think are more important, lower priority to those you think are less important, and consider eliminating projects not considered a priority.

The projects have been divided into 5 categories:

1) Doors, Floors, Windows and Roofs,









2) New Construction, Renovations, and Room Renovation/Re-Purposing:




3) Lighting and Sound,







4) Aesthetics,aesthetics


5) Other General Repairs and Maintenance.


The question format for each category will be the same, allowing you to rate each individual project in that particular category on how important you think each project is. In the end, an algorithm will be run against the data so that we will have a rating for all 26 projects in toto.

Your opinions are an important input for the teams working on the Master Plan/Capital Campaign so that improvements and investments in the future of Saint Monica best represent parishioner participation.  With this information, Parish Leadership and Warfel can develop a “scope of work” over the next 5 years, projects can be better planned and integrated, and parish finances can be best utilized.

The survey was sent via E-Mail to all registered parishioners. If you did not receive it and would like to participate, please let me know via E-Mail (



Your words Lord are spirit and life

DID YOU KNOW…. that St. Monica utilizes close to 17 modes of communication within the parish. Among others, these include the parish bulletin, bulletin inserts, Twitter, Facebook, our website, parish-wide email, banners, fliers, parish newsletter, etc… In addition, Fr. Zlock uses his own social media platforms to communicate, evangelize, teach and preach.

To be effective, different media are more appropriately used for different tasks ( Example, FlockNote for targeted audiences, Twitter for information on parish closings due to weather, parish bulletin for general and brief information, parish newsletter for more in-depth stories).

Such a variety of media necessitated a recent examination to develop a coherent and comprehensive communication’s strategy. In addition, we saw the necessity of rolling out advertising/communication guidelines so that coordination between parishioners, organizations and parish staff can be maximized and expectations on all sides met in a timely fashion.

A copy of these new communications/advertising guidelines is now available on the parish website. In addition, we have gone “live” with a new on-line form for advertising/communications for parishioners, parish groups and organizations. It is also available on-line.

Finally, similar guidelines and a corresponding on-line form for reserving any parish rooms and parish facilities is now available on the

St. Monica is a $1 million budgeted parish with a multi-million dollar campus. A parish this busy is in need of enhanced, professional campus policies and tools, which we are trying to provide. It is my hope that such tools will allow us to steward the resources that the Lord has provided and better fulfill the Parish Mission of “Discovering Jesus in Our Lives, Understanding Our Life’s Purpose, Developing A Personal Relationship With Christ, Enrich our local community and Impact the whole world.”


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