Master Plan – Capital Campaign (January 2016 Updates)

Several people have asked for an update on the status of the Capital Campaign as well as any progress on our Master Plan. To accomplish this I plan on doing the following:

Soon I shall place several poster/banners in the Narthex (lobby) of our church. One poster/banner will be a “Master Plan Overview.” It will list the 72 items of the Master Plan (“Description of Work”); the “Estimated Costs” of each line item; which items will be paid from Capital Campaign funds and which will be paid out of parish reserve funds; which items will be completed “in-house” or performed by external companies as well as a guide indicating the status (completion progress) oCapital Campaign Banner V2f each item. This will hopefully provide an intuitive, “quick-view” overview of the entire project and costs while quickly noting the progress of the impressive scope of the entire project.

A second “Campaign Banner” will provide a one-glance overview of the overall financial goal of the Master Plan; the financial progress towards that goal, and the percentage of parishioners who have supported the campaign – including the percentage of “Parish Leadership” (Finance Council, Pastoral Council and Facilities Committee). This will also provide a one-page overview of the entire campaign where progress can be noted quickly and indicate the number of parishioners who have so generously contributed so much towards the success of the campaign and the future of St. Monica Parish.


Third, I continue to provide Capital Campaign/Master Plan updates to the parish via FlockNote (Go to, register, click on “Capital Campaign/Master Plan” to receive my updates as I send them out).

Fourth, I continue to post these updates on my website ( under “Master Plan/Capital Campaign Updates.”


Fifth, I alert my Twitter followers (@FrZlock) that a new “Master Plan/Capital Campaign Update” has been posted. These are automatically posted to my Facebook page as well (Fr. Charlie Zlock).

Finally, Frank Orman links all of my social media postings to the St. Monica Facebook page as well as the St. Monica Twitter feed.

Hopefully this will allow all of our parishioners to keep abreast of the progress of the exciting things that are happening here at St. Monica Parish.


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