Refresher Course of Prayer

I noticed a blog from Fr. Austin Fleming who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and a pastor in Concord, MA since 1994. He wrote a neat little post on prayer. It’s similar to what I have been providing to men and women who come here to Malvern Retreat House and are looking for insights, tips, history of, and advice about prayer.

There were two other book-lets on prayer that I say when I was on retreat earlier this year at Mount Saviour in Elmira, NY. The first book is entitled “Twelve Keys to Prayer” by a Benedictine Priest names Jerome Kodell. It’s only 13 pages but is powerful in its practical presentation of advice on prayer (like the alliteration there?)

Another nice “little” (62 pages) prayer book is “Praying with Icons” by Linette Martin. I’ve had several icons around my room for years and have heard about praying with icons in the past. But this book was so small and so simple in its presentation that I decided to give it a try. I was edified almost immediately and have incorporated praying with icons into my holy hour ever

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