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Posts from the ‘Reflections on Sunday Readings’ Category

The Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Homily

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

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The 1st Sunday of Lent – Homily

The Spirit led Him but it didn't leave Him.

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The 3rd Sunday of Lent – Homily

Find that place where you can sit in the ashes and allow The Lord to fill that space.

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The 4th Sunday In Lent – Homily

So come to me this week and allow me to show you something.

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5th Sunday in Lent – What perturbs God?

What perturbs God?

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Palm Sunday – The Homily

The celebration of Holy Week, " It’s about “going deep.” It’s about letting circumstances transform us to become deep in character, understanding, graciousness, and forgiveness."

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